Friday, July 30, 2010

You can do it, we can help.

Well. I finally gave in and studded my cork wedges.
A big thanks to you, Jeffrey Campbell for providing me with such marvelous inspiration.
After painting the insole and heel with silver acrylic paint, I hammered approximately 750 silver flat-backed, thumbtacks into the cork. All with a little help from The Home Depot. Who would have thought they would be such great help with my little D.I.Y. project?! (And in case you were wondering, that's where my post title came from-- The Home Depot mantra.)
You can view the post where I was deliberating the project here. Some of you told me to go for it and some of you forewarned me against it. But alas, I went for it. And I could not be more pleased.
I want to wear these shoes everyday for the rest of my life. Not really, but you get the idea.

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  1. WOW thoes look great! good choice!

  2. AHHHH SO AWESOME. HOW DO YOU HAVE THE PATIENCE. 750, THAT'S RIDICULOUS <3 I've been looking for the perfect pair of wedges to do the same thing with since I've seen lots of bloggers doing this.

  3. Such a good diy, did you get your studs from home depot, I have to drop by their soon!

  4. Yes, my studs are from Home Depot!

  5. My friend Stephanie McManus posted your TeenVogue profile on her Facebook. You are a total rockstar! I teach middle school and don't know if I've ever met a young person with this much passion and FLAIR (if that's not too lame a word to use, ha ha... let me change that to "je ne se quois"). You're an inspiration.

  6. You've done a good job, they look great!


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