Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Week at SCAD

I believe I have mentioned it before, but last week I took part in a pre-college program at The Savannah College of Art and Design, called SCAD Summer Seminars. I took two classes-- Metals/ Jewelry Making and Fashion Illustration. It was a great opportunity to experience the school. I had such a great time! It makes me so excited to get out of high school and go to design school! Here are some of my photos that I took in the fashion building.
The fashion department building
Several of the sketches hanging in the Fashion Illustration studio
The reference room
Look at how many dress forms!!!
Me sitting at one of the many sewing machine in a classroom
One of the drawings hanging on the wall of the Fashion Illustration studio
All the multilingual VOGUEs in the reference room

By the way everyone, Project Runway starts in one week. GET EXCITED.

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  1. Were the classes at SCAD encouraging to do different things, maybe, even if cliche, "outside the box?"

    Hope you had fun and learnt a lot :)

  2. My friend is going there next year! :) I'm considering it, too. Hope you had fun. :D

  3. amazing! love open days! they always make me feel like i'm not good enough though haha

  4. That's fantastic!! I'm so jealous...I go to Belmont and am studying entrepreneurship and did a fashion minor at O'more college of design so I only got a small taste of fashion design classes. It looks amazing! And I am TRES excited for Project Runway to start...did you see that episodes are going to be 90 mins long this season?! xo

  5. Those sketches are beyond amazing!


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