Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Golden Age of Couture

As I mentioned yesterday, The Frist Center for The Visual Arts in Nashville has just unveiled a couture exhibit called The Golden Age of Couture. It is an incredible collection. I am both surprised and glad of it's arrival. Due to the fragility of the garments, the collection is only making a few stops- Hong Kong, Australia, and of all places... Nashville, Tennessee!- before returning to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I think that the presence of this collection will be beneficial to Nashville's attitude toward fashion. I don't think many people here view fashion as actually being an art form, but now that a fashion exhibit is at an art museum, I think that might begin to change. This exhibit has made me way more interested in fashion history. I went to a lecture by the curator last night, and, frankly, I was so surprised at how much it held my attention! It was just so fascinating- I couldn't turn away. These are scans of the postcards I bought at the gift shop. This first dress is just so marvelous and awesome-- I can't get it out of my head. I found a listing of it on the internet here.

If you live in the Nashville area, I definitely recommend a visit to see the collection. It's open until September 12.

And by the way, tomorrow is my blog's sixth-month anniversary! How can that be?!!

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  1. i wish we still dressed like that...
    congratulations on the mile stone, great blog

  2. oh wow! everything is so beautiful. i live a few hours from nashville; i think i'll have to take a road trip to see this!

  3. beautiful gowns...I love the one in the very first picture -- so gorgeous!


  4. Lovely post, like the photos so much :D xxxxxx

  5. Gahh, those dresses are gorgeous. And you're right about the first one, it is amazing!
    Dresses with big skirts are immediatley love for me.

  6. BEAUTIFUL. I love the workmanship.

    Couture epitomizes why FASHION IS ART. The intricacy and skills that it takes to create couture is an art form.

    And happy 6-month! I just had my one-year!
    (Out of context, it sounds, like, our time for sobriety or something hahah.)

  7. Gorgeous dresses! And happy anniversary. <3

    -Dyanna Pure


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