Monday, June 21, 2010

The abundant treasure trove of Goodwill...

I originally bought both my jacket and my shorts from Goodwill. I bought this Christian Dior jacket and sewed the black trim on the edges. You may be asking yourself, "A Dior jacket? At Goodwill?! Yeah right!?..." I once questioned my sanity in the same manner, but I am about 99% sure it's real. It's 100% wool and has a silk lining, plus the tag looks pretty legit.
The "boyfriend" shorts used to be a pair of old mens jeans. I cut them off and distressed them a little bit. I was going to make more holes, but they take forever to make. I spent about an hour and a half making just this one hole, and I used a cheese grater, seam ripper, and scissors. There's something to be said for good quality denim. They just don't make em' like this anymore...

I just tried out this nail polish color for the first time today. It looks like black, but it's actually super-duper-dark purple. I was originally going to paint them with the J. Crew shade of Essie hot pink, but I felt like being more adventurous...
Shorts, altered vintage men's jeans. Tee shirt, Urban Outfitters. Jacket, altered vintage Christian Dior. Bag, Belt, Betsey Johnson. Ring, Sunglasses, Flower, Forever 21. Nail Polish, O.P.I. in Lincoln Park After Dark.

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  1. I love the idea of the boyfriend shorts and the fitted blazer. I've found some great things at goodwill, but definitely no designer! So lucky!! I really love the color of that jacket and what you did with the trim - you're just filled with great ideas!

  2. Brilliant and i love the photos! xxxxxx

  3. love ur ring!!!!! nice pics! and u loook great in those cat eye shape sunnies!

  4. Beautiful look,honey!That blazer is great and the color looks amazing on you!

  5. The boyfriend shorts look amazing! I usually favour my skinny jeans, but think I'll give this a go!

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  7. Wonderful! I especially loove your ring and that flower :)

  8. Beautiful Blog!! following!


  9. Ah jadore!!! :D How cute!

    The blazer, gosh, suits you so well. I means, its brilliant by itself - but you look like you could be born in this blazer!!! ;D


  10. Stories like these make me want a goodwill here so badly. it sounds so much fun, looking through piles of clothes to find treasures. xx

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  12. You are too cute! I love your blog :) That blazer is amazing. <3 You have a new fan. x

  13. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!! u are so pretty!


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