Monday, May 31, 2010

Pearls + Studs

This is what I wore out shopping today. The short, flirty skirt and the preppy button-down reminds me a great deal of Karla's Closet. Recently, I am quite obsessed with the soft/hard combination of the pearls and the studded cuff. I have found myself drooling over this combination everywhere-- in stores, magazines, and blogger feeds. I rediscovered Picnik photo editing today too. I haven't been able to make it work on my Mac, and I finally made it work today (yay!). I made lots and lots of photo collages.
My mom's Subversive for Target necklace I borrowed...
These are my new Pour la Victoire sandals. I found them at T.J. Maxx last week. I love them so much, I thought them worthy of their own collage. I just Googled them, and located them on the brand's website. I found out that they have a name too-- Bridgette. They come in hot pink too! Oh my goodness-- what on Earth would we do without Google!?
Skirt, Wilster. Shirt, vintage Bill Blass. Shoes, Pour la Victoire. Necklace, Subversive for Target. Sunglasses, Betsey Johnson. Flowers, Forever 21.

Hype me on Lookbook guys!

This video is truly amazing. I had never heard of The Uniform Project until now, and I am in awe! I know that when I read fashion blogs, I rarely ever watch the videos that bloggers post. If you watch only one fashion blogger video this year, make it this one! Just watching it once has had a profound impact on my fashion point of view.

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  1. Such a gorgeous necklace! I love how you mixed the pearls and studs together - they actually go really well together! And I love the idea of the flirty skirt and blue button up. Such a great look!!

  2. adore this outfit! that necklace is absolutely gorgeous. not to mention i love a flirty skirt + a button up. :)

  3. love the outfit, your skirt is so lovely and the shoes as well :)

  4. Gorgeous Look, hun!!! The skirt is more then adorable. You can pair in rather one thousand ways, right!? And yes, reminds me on Karla too (in a totally good way)! <3

  5. I stumbled across the UP some time ago and forgot its name/address - so thank you for the video. I found the site again and it made my day :)
    You look super pretty in those photos :)

  6. Totally love this outfit. Your sunglasses and a shirt are fabulous!

  7. What a cute outfit and your shoes are amazing!
    Greetings, Luci :)

  8. Oh I love that skirt,you look beautiful!

  9. I love how you tucked in the button-up shirt in the skirt, so lovely!!


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