Saturday, May 15, 2010

My First Giveaway!

I have recently come across the site Sock Theory. They have an amazing selection of everything hosiery-related.
I think that an interesting pair of tights or socks can add a whole other dimension to an outfit. I associate funky, cool socks with the fashionable, unique girl. I fully support individualist fashion choices! Fashion would be no fun without them. I thought that this site would be perfect for my first giveaway. You should check it out!
These are some of my favorite items from the site. Aren't the two-tone black/white tights just too awesome?! The photos are links to the item on the site.

Okay everyone! So here are the rules of the giveaway...

First of all, you must be a follower of my blog.

Then, find your favorite item on Sock Theory. Leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite item. And, to make everything super interesting, tell me how you would wear your favorite item. The winner will receive their favorite item.
I'll choose the best comment to be the winner. Check back soon!

The giveaway closes on Tuesday May 18th at 8 P.M. CST. Good luck, and thanks everyone!


  1. The black and white full tights are my favorite!!! Very à la MJ-esque and the best part about it is that it looks like 2 different outfits depending on back or front view!!! :P

    So as to styling it, I would definitely wear that under a tulle poofy tutu black skirt, with a light grey tank top tucked in, a cool studded biker leather crop jacket, and to add some colour a pair of bright electric blue platform heels! And of course multiple rings and a cool statement necklace!

    Btw ive been a follower of ur blog for a while now :P

    xoxo jenna
    (ps: secretly crossing fingers i win and hope you ship all the way to Mauritius)

  2. I love socks! My favourite I think would have to be the Button Ribbed Overknee socks in Navy - I love button detailing but I've never considered it on socks before!

    I also love spots, so I would probably wear it with my black strapless spotty dress tucked into a black, super full puffy skirt with my navy blazer over it all! I'd probably pin a gold brooch to the blazer and wear shiny black oxfords with the socks. I think my hair would be in a side plait and gold bangles on the left hand and my gold heart ring on the right hand.

    Navy blue and black supposedly is a mistake, but I like it! :)

  3. LOVE the pair at the bottom right! Fab blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy. Bon weekend!! xxx

  4. I am in love with the Kaleidoscope Stockings!

    I would wear them with a tight black dress that had dramatic 80's shoulders. Then I would wear a pink scarf to bring out the pink in the tights. And because this outfit is inspired by you, I would wear a blue flower in my hair that matches the tights! As for shoes, I would probably wear black heels with a strap around the ankle.

    Awesome givaway! Hope I win!

    -Juliette WhereForArtThouRomeo

  5. sooo hard to choose! i love everything so much! the Kaleidoscope Stockings are so beautiful! i would love to wear them with a mini dress in yellow, neutral stacked wedges, and flowers in my hair....very hippi ish!

    looove this giveaway :D

  6. Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! Loving the giveaway.

    My absolutely fav are the black and white ones. I would like to wear them with black heels and a ruffel tiered skirt.

  7. I would really love to own the Black & White tights. I'd probably go for a very bold outfit in black and white with just a pop of colour for contrast. I'm thinking a black mini skirt with lots of volume and perhaps a high waist. On top a white top with a little bit of draping. I'd go with either blue or red accessories, perhaps even bright yellow/orange.'s easier to illustrate, actually. I had a lot of fun making a collage of an outfit. All images from Sock Theory, Net-a-Porter and Brownsfashion:

    As you can see, I went with blue shoes and bag, a bit of silver, and an extremely cute watch! Sunglasses are a must, and I just had to add a flower on top ;)

  8. I would wear the dip+dyed knee high socks in dark teal with my vivienne westwood x melissa rocking horse winged shoes, I want this shoe/sock combo so bad...

  9. I Def LOVE the Kaleidoscope stockings. I would pair it with a cute flowy dress probabley in a solid to off set the fabcrazyiness of the tights! And to rough it up a little I would probabley pair them with my black combat boots or ankle boots. Or... even a cute pair of black high waisted shorts with a shirt tucked in, long jacket--maybe blazer-- and a cute pair of heels in maybe a neutral color. The possibilities are endless!!

    I'm macy, and you can contact me at Thanks for this great giveaway!

  10. I like the black and white tights you've got up there.. I've been to that website and dreamed of them before, hehe. I would wear it with my black and white oxfords, a tight black dress, and this short shoulder blazer with ruched sleeves for a super awesome Lady Gaga look. :)

  11. Wonderful giveaway! My favorite are the Black and White tights. I actually made a collage to show how I would wear them.



  12. Hey! I am somewhat in love with the Japan Arm and Leg Warmers. The print is so adorable @__@ and they are so cool!! I would wear these (on my legs) with a simple white dress and brown belt, pin my hair up in a japanese bun and put on my brown/gold ankle boots, then add a forest-green bag. Such adorable-ness can only be dreamed of @__@

    Thanks for the giveaway! Your blog is pretty cool.


  13. Great giveaway from a great blog! :) I love the Cable Knit Over Knee Socks! I'd probably wear them with shorts and a suit jacket or something haha

  14. Hmmmmm, I love the tights with the vines on them. (bottom right corner)

    I would wear them with a high waisted skirt, blouse and oxfords.

  15. My favorite was hard to choose, so I just chose one of my favorites:) The peek-a-boo over the knee socks. Why? well, they made me smile, and I want a braver look.
    I would wear them with my shear gray dress. As for shoes I'd use my black high heals. Of course they would also look good with something floral...

  16. Those motif tights NEED to be mine!!

  17. I really hope I'm not too late!!! its 6:48 here in east coast US :S

    nom nom i <3 socks and tights :3
    Even though I'm love socks i would have to go with these arm warmers. I guess they could double as leg warmers. I want them in blue so bad. I would wear them with grey skinny jeans, a plain blue v neck. My american apparel circle scarf (light blue and light beige striped) and the armwarmers and my very veeeeery worn in vans. I would also wear my blue and white hair bow (its huge). If you can't tell i love blue :3

  18. Warning Fishnet Stockings are my favourite. I would wear them layered over sexy red tights underneath a sexy little black dress with some hot ankle boots! I would then go out on the town and get all eyes on me!

    nettysgirl at

  19. I want the floral lace knee-highs to pop my fiance's eyes out of his sockets and make his tongue roll across the floor like the wolf in a Tex Avery cartoon.

    My wedding attire is vintage and adorably sweet, so I want to wear something black and lacy that spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E as soon as we're alone on our honeymoon.

    The knee-highs are just my style, but will pair perfectly with the half-schoolgirl half-vixen ensemble I have planned.


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