Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some Fabulous Footwear to Share...

I have been collecting photos of shoes that I love. I've been meaning to do a post on them. This first pair is Jeffrey Campbell. I love the detail on the heel. I have seen a lot of DIY's for them on other blogs- with cork wedges and flat thumbtacks. I don't have a pair of wedges I could do this with, but I really would like to find a pair somewhere like Target or a thrift shop.
I really love the idea of sculptural shoes as artwork. In fact, for my school art project right now, I'm making a ceramic ankle bootie. Our assignment was to make a "vessel", and I thought I would test the limits as to what qualifies as a "vessel".
I am in love with this whole outfit from Fashion Canvas! I am in love with the idea of wearing a simple maxi dress, with over-the-top, platform shoes. In general, the maxi dress trend is way overdone, but this looks so chic. When I first laid eyes on these Topshop shoes, it made my day. These shoes are prodigious.
I believe that no words are need to describe the level of pomp associated with these shoes. They are plastered all over the posts of just about every fashion blog. But still, one must admit, they are pretty darn fabulous.


  1. I love the jeweled Miu Miu's, oh so lovely!! Great post.

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  2. Love the beautiful the studded wedges and anything Miu Miu at the moment is excellent, but I prefer the black satin ones! Ashish leoplard wedges are cool also, loved how Rumi wore them a while back.

  3. Ah, the Miu Miu's. At first I wasn't convinced, but the constant exposure to the swallow print has made me a fan. Great post!

  4. those first wedges are AMAZING & the first pair of sculptural shoes are beautiful.

  5. AMAZING SHOES! i just died looking at those!

  6. I did a JC DIY and it killed my thumb! You should definately do it! Great look from Fashion Canvas.

  7. too many great pair of kicks in one post! i want. i need!!


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