Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Shorts and U-Ram Choe

I am wearing my new shorts that I bought at Goodwill on Friday. I quite love them. I had been looking for a pair of high-waisted shorts/pants to wear for spring. They are just the right combination of preppy and edgy. They could go either way depending on how I accessorize them.
Shorts, Vintage. Shirt, Target. Blazer, New York and Company. Belt, Target. Bracelet, Forever 21. Bag, Target. Sunglasses, Target. Headband, For Love 21.

Today I went to my local art museum. I wanted to see the new exhibit, and I also had a school assignment to do based on the exhibit. Two birds with one stone. The larger, main exhibit was European pieces from the Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, and Romantic periods of art. Its not my favorite type of artwork to look at, but it was still really good! However, the best part was an itty-bitty side exhibit of art by U-Ram Choe. It was called New Urban Species. It was all mechanical, and moved in some way. Yet it's incredibly graceful and breathtaking. I'm always excited when I find out about an emerging artist who's pushing the limits of the art world. He is one of my new favorites! This is just a taste of his work, Google him!


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  2. A your top is so cute!

  3. love the heels

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  4. Great head band. Love the vertical stripes!! Really pretty.

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  5. Cool looking shorts! I friended you on Google Connect and followed your blog through Blog Lovin' :)


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