Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Les Mizrahi

Tonight I went to an event at the Schermerhorn Symphony Hall for The Symphony Spring Fashion Show. Isaac Mizrahi was the host and designer for this year. I took tons of pictures! And I will most definitely post them tomorrow. When he did his final walk, I was literally FOUR feet away from him!!! Omg.
Les Mizrahi is a reference to a one-man, off-Broadway show he did in 1999-- according to the program that is. I had no idea.
Dress, Betsey Johnson. Jacket, Target. Shoes, Mixx. Bag, Target. Headpiece, Forever 21.

Our friend's Judith Leiber handbag...

Be sure to check back tomorrow! I have loads more photos and details to share!


  1. Cute outfit- you're totally rockin that headpiece!

  2. hello headpiece! you keep it from looking gothy with the simple cut of the blazer - really really envy your style.

    i've just started my own blog and could do with some helpful hints (don't really know what i'm doing yet!) check it out? would be much appreciated! elle x


  3. Whoa. Looks like fun, awesome... head peice, oh so chic and I love those shoes!!

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  4. You look so chic! I love your boots :]

    And that handbag...stunning!!

  5. your boots are amazing! love the bow too! gorgeous outfit!


  6. Very cute headband! I'm not sure if I can sport the same headpiece and get away with it!


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