Monday, March 22, 2010

Where the Wild Kitties Are

This is what I wore to school today. I thought it to be apropos to pose with my ferocious little kitty-kat while wearing this jacket. I also have on my "Where the Wild Things Are" tee, which makes it even more of a coincidence.
Coat, Forever 21. Jeans, Guess. Shoes, Payless. Tee Shirt, Urban Outfitters. Necklace, Vintage. Ring, Michael's. Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Flower, For Love 21.

I know it's kind of old, but I haven't been able to get this song out of my head today. I often change around my playlists according to the attitude of the outfit.

And I know my images are just a bit too large... sorry. I just have a few settings to change around and I'll get the hang of it.


  1. You look adorable! I love your jacket. And your kitty!

    The song in your video is totally catchy.

  2. Great outfit, I love this, so much. And your cat... cute cute cute!

  3. i love your bag and shoes ;) and you're cat is soooo cute !

  4. oh kittty! so precious.
    your pictures are beautiful.
    amazing coat, && i love your red lips. <3333

  5. love the song <3
    flower and lips are perfect!I want this colour on my lips:)

  6. the cat is so so so cute :D

    and i love your flower ;)

  7. Love the bright shoes and bag with the leopard coat, and of course I love your cat!

  8. I love your shoes! Every piece of this outfit is such a standout, but it all works together :]

  9. nice outfit! and that cat is sooo adorable and chubby-looking!


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