Monday, March 15, 2010

The Magnificence of Andy Warhol-eqsue Flowers

This is what I wore to school today. I found this jacket/top in my mom's closet several months ago with the purpose of wearing it in a new and funky way. I think the flower print kind of looks like Andy Warhol artwork. But alas, the jacket/top sat alone in my closet for the past few months, until last night- When I had some revelations involving this glorious garment. And now, I have this outfit. I adore the use of orange and green with the contrast of the black and white. Magnificent. Also, tonight I went to a MUSE concert, so I will have some pictures to post from the concert and also of my new concert tee shirt outfit. Are you excited? Because you should be.
Top, Vintage (from my Mom's closet). Tee Shirt, Hanes. Jeans, Guess. Necklace, Target. Shoes, Forever 21. Belt, Target. Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

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