Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feeling the Fuchsia

All of the magazines are reporting that fuchsia lips are big for spring. I am very excited for this trend. I love the look of bright lipstick. I really wish more people would wear colored lipstick. It's such a unique look, and universally flattering. Two of my favorite pictures of this trend are this Marc by Marc Jacobs runway photo from this recent Who What Wear newsletter and this photo from Natalie Off Duty. I love this post of her's with the all black outfit and then the bright pop of color on her face. The pink hue makes her look instantly chic and fabulous. She has on MAC's Girl About Town, but I also really love MAC's Show Orchid. I will most definitely be wearing lots of fuchsia lipstick this coming spring.


  1. I'm loving the fuchsia and bright colored lip trend this season. You definitely don't have to spend 30 dollars though to get it. Check out your drug store first

  2. kocham takie usta, zajebista torebka z zegarem, zajebiste ozdoby we włosach. super uszy, możesz nie wierzyć, zawsze o takich marzyłam!

  3. i am feelin it!
    i love it .<3

  4. For some reason fuchsia makes me think of those fake plastic pink lipsticks when I had as a little dude. I could go for a more muted down or darker tone of it, though, like the person with the leopard scarf.. then it's very pretty. :)

    & wow, I've never been to MAC's website until now.. that's a way neat color picker!

  5. cutee blog! i love the outfits. :)

  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!I had a dream about fuchsia lipstick the other day!!!!!Lipstick is too great!


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