Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around

This is what I wore to school today and also out to dinner this evening. I picked up this lovely blue jacket yesterday at Goodwill. I'm still a little bit undecided about it though. I love the color, the sleeves, and the various seams that give it a fantastic shape. I'm considering changing the buttons. I feel like the vintage brooch kind of "jazzes it up". I tried on several different bottom options, and I finally decided on my harem pants, because I haven't worn them in a long time. Harem pants are so splendid, because it literally feels like I have on pajama pants! I have on a wide studded belt as well, but you can't see it to well in these pictures. I put on this vintage studded bag too. I borrowed it from my mom, because it gives the whole outfit a really funky vibe. I also played around with some new photo editing techniques in Picnik today. I am quite surprised at how many vintage pieces I have on today- I never have on this many vintage clothing or accessories at one given time!
Tee Shirt, Vintage. Pants, h&m. Jacket, Vintage. Shoes, Forever 21. Scarf, T.J. Maxx. Bag, Vintage. Brooch, Vintage. Bracelet, Help for Haiti. Belt, Betsey Johnson. Flower, For Love 21


  1. I love the outfit!!!!!!! GREAT BLAZER!!!!! Love the second picture

  2. I love the blue jacket. Great outfit. :)

  3. Thanks so much.
    And Tess, change your profile name so it doesn't say zgirldesigns.

  4. Woah that is one trippy pic. Love the scarf and shoes

  5. What an AMAZING cute look, picture perfect! Love the combination with the striped tee and the blue blazer, gorgeous! <3

  6. Beautiful! I love the teal jacket!!



  7. Hi Flower, just discovered your blog & I love it
    You have a lovely style, and I read your goal so I will def follow to help you reach it...hope you do the same :)


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