Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shopping in the Little Boy's Department

This is what I wore today. My shirt came from the boy's department of Target. It's the Shawn White for Target line. I really love how it fits, and the print of the plaid is just right. The back also has some asymmetric details, which makes it extra cool. I love to punk it up with a studded belt and funky shoes.
Top, Target. Skirt, Old Navy. Tee Shirt, Hanes. Belt, Target. Shoes, Forever 21. Bag, Target. Earrings, Forever 21. Flower, For Love 21


  1. Ah ! You look awesome. I love the quilted shoulder bag and the plaid shirt is just awesome, especially since it's from the boy's department.

  2. You look great!
    I love the shirt and your shoes :)

  3. Great blog! Very nice style! Thanks for inviting me to your friends on delancefashion.com;)

  4. Thanks Guys! I love reading your comments!!!!!


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