Friday, February 5, 2010

Polka Dots and Trench Coats

This is what I wore to school today and then to do some shopping this afternoon. I saw this scarf in my mom's closet the other day, and decided that I needed to borrow it. I love black and white polka dots! I really enjoy how the vintage scarf looks with the classic shape and color of the trench coat. Today I feel quite French.
Coat, Zara. Jeans, Target. Shoes, Nine West. Brooch, Vintage. Scarf, Vintage (my mom's). Top, Target. Flower, Forever 21.


  1. I like your red pants, they are like hot tamales for your legs. :D (good thing)

  2. You look great:) i love your blog and i start follow You;) visit me xo xo

  3. Your trench coat is classic... thx for visiting my blog :) Mon Mode Blog

  4. Thanks ladies. I love your comments.


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