Wednesday, February 24, 2010

As Easy As... ABC, 123, Do-Re-Mi

I have worn this outfit and outfits similar to this many times before, but never have you seen it like this. For today, I discovered more of the wondrous and limitless possibilities. I also just thought I would go ahead and post it again for all you tender-feet. I found this jacket at Goodwill in the summer. It is one of my favorite pieces. I love really eclectic items that no one else has! It was actually a part of a skirt-suit, but I thought a two-piece suit made out of bright red polyester was a little over the top... almost a little 80's flight attendant. But this jacket with jeans and a cool graphic tee is as close to perfection as it comes. It has just the right amount of Michael Jackson-esque flair.
Jacket, Vintage. Jeans, Guess. Shoes, Nine West. Tee Shirt, Jacobs by Marc Jacobs. Necklace, For Love 21. Bag, Vintage. Round Glasses, Target. Aviator Glasses, Vintage. Earrings, Ross Simons. Flower, For Love 21.


  1. So, this clock purse of yours.. does it actually, you know, tell time? *is uber intrigued*

    I looove your red blazer! (: It is definately MJ worthy.

  2. ohh I love your blazer! And this bag WOW so great!

  3. Haha. Thanks!
    And yes Ali, It is 100% working. It takes AAA batteries!

  4. WOW!!! I love this look! That red blazer is amazing, those jeans fit your perfectly, and that bag is INSANELY awesome!!

  5. You probably heard a lot about it already, but still - that clock-bag is amazing! so cute and fun. and nice outfit!

  6. well, the bag is officially my craving number one for, I guess, the rest of my life if it's vintage :)
    You look really pretty. I can't decide which glasses look better... but I guess I would go for the second ones, just because I'm relly round-faced :D

  7. That's for following me!

    I love your entire outfit. It's styled so well! I want your outfit!


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