Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fashionable Kiddos

I do not have any new outfits to post today. This morning, I went on a rather unsatisfactory trip to Goodwill, and then came back to my house and some friends came over. Today I was feeling quite uninspired in the fashion department. However, I caught up on my recently missed episode of Project Runway from this past Thursday, which is probably on of my favorite episodes in the history of "P.R." (as we call it at my house). I really love Seth Aaron's look(s), I feel that the "little-girl" version looks like something I would have wanted to wear when I was about nine or ten, and the "older-girl" version looks like what I want to wear now!... quite ironic if you ask me. I also was exceptionally intrigued by Amy's look(s). I wanted to like those pants so badly, but they wear just a little too "of-the-beaten-path". I thought they could have been so chic if a few petals were removed in the crotch area, and if paired with a simple black tee. I thought that her belt and colored top were "over the top"... no pun intended. And I was upset about Tory Burch's comment for Amy about her colors not being "complementary". Last time I checked, blue and orange are complementary.

I love the concept of children's wear, especially the whole "whimsy" of it all. I feel that this episode alone has made me quite interested in children's wear. I had never really thought about designing for kids before. Most people associate fashion with elegant, twenty-something models on runways, but what about all the adorable clothing that we wear for the first ten years of our lives??

This whole fashionable kiddo motif, has encouraged me to raid our overflowing drawer of old Polaroid and Kodak photographs. Isn't it fascinating how simply looking at old pictures brings back so many thoughts and memories??

I was quite in love with zebras, I think mainly because "zebra" starts with the same letter as "Zoe"...

I was quite the artiste...
These shoes are great. In fact, I would love to have pair in my wardrobe right now...
Props to my mom for this uber-chic haircut I was sporting "back in the day"...

Here are Amy's look(s) from the episode...
Here are Seth Aaron's look(s) from the episode...
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  1. Aw, you were adorable! I love how cute you were and how much of a fashionable chica you were.. and still are! ;D My old pictures are pretty stylish, too, and you're inspiring me to post them up.. unfortunately, I couldn't smile very well (so hard my eyes would close) and I ran around shirtless most of the time (looking up to my older brother, haha).

    Lovely memories, though!!

  2. Super cute!
    And I love the colored look from PC!
    x fashionnerdic

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments!!

  4. aww so cute, a fashionista from birth, work it girl!



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