Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Delightful Day of Thrifting Bowling Accessories

Today, school was cancelled for snow. This is what I wore to work and to run some errands afterwards (Goodwill!). I discovered this new effect in Picnik recently, and I just figured out today how great it looks if I make it black and white and 'up' the contrast. It's called "hypnotic" for all you photo editors out there. I really love it, especially on this first photo! I found this glorious vintage bowling bag at Goodwill today. After I found it, I saw a bowling ball on another shelf in the store. It was really heavy, so I just left it there. Had it been the appropriate weight for me, I probably would have bought it. But it wasn't until I arrived home that I realized that maybe just maybe that bowling ball came with the bag I bought. What if that bowling ball is rightfully mine, but I didn't know at the time????
Button-down, Bill Blass. Cardigan, Thakoon for Target. Jeans, Guess. Boots, BCBGirls. Clutch, Vintage. Bowling bag, Vintage. Bracelet, For Love 21. Flowers, For Love 21


  1. i just looovee that bag!!!!!!! and of course that outfit!!!!!!!

  2. nice outfit!!
    you were lucky to find that really amazing bwliing bag!! i love bowling! it's a fun playing with friends :D
    xoxo Jade

  3. Love that cardigan!! :D It's so cute!

  4. Love that bag, too bad you left the bowling ball behind would have been a great excuse to bring your bag bowling!




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