Sunday, February 14, 2010

Custo Barcelona, Will You Be My Valentine?

I cannot even convey to my readers how much I am enjoying blogging. I love it 10x more than I ever imagined I would. Therefore, I wanted to share with my glorious followers, readers, and commenters one of my short-term goals concerning my blog- to have at least 50 followers by the end of June! I believe I have the skills and resources to reach my goal, but I need your help! Tell your friends! Follow! Comment! Etc. Reading your wonderful comments and checking my followers is one of my favorite things to do! I couldn't do it without you guys!

This is what I wore today out to lunch for Valentine's Day. I am wearing a vintage trench coat that I picked up at a second-hand shop when I was out of town a while back. It's velvet, and it had a tie belt that came with it, which I unfortunately lost. So today, being the problem-solver that I am, I decided to fix the crises. I strung a piece black satin ribbon through the belt-loops and tied it in a bow. TADA- problem solved! I really like how tying a bow in the back gives this coat a lovely shape and opens it up more to reveal my colorful outfit. I posted a detail of the bow as well. I paired it with on of my favorite outfit combos- Custo Barcelona tee and ombre skirt. I just recently discovered my love of Custo Barcelona, and I cannot believe all of my well-designed Custo tees have just been sitting in the dark, dimly lit, abyss of my closet all this time. In addition, I have pictures of me and my endearing little kitty-cat, Dudley. He's quite photogenic. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Top, Custo Barcelona. Skirt, Express. Coat, Vintage. Shoes, Aldo. Socks, Target. Necklace, Betsey Johnson. Bracelet, For Love 21. Flower, For Love 21.


  1. Honey!
    I love the flower in your hair, the print of your shirt, your pose, the necklace, GOD EVERYTHING IS SO PERFECT. I was also looking through the rest of your blog.. and basically I'm amazed. Love love love love love.

    Definitely looking forward to your next post!!

    teri at
    PS Thanks for following! I'm going to follow you too!

  2. Hey!
    great outfit! i especially love those shoes :)
    and happy belated Valentines to you too :D
    xoxo Jade

  3. Thanks ladies! Your comments are lovely!

  4. This outfit is lovely from the socks with heels to the way your sleeves stick out of your blazer!


    Also, you asked my how to get a Chictopia icon. If you sign in and then scroll to the very bottom of the page where it says "Goodies" you'll be able to select the icon of your choice from that hyperlink.

    hope you find it!

  5. Beautiful! I love your skirt!

  6. Love your outfit! especially the socks and the coat great combo! I'm definitely going to follow you, hope you follow me too.


  7. I really do admire the every clothes she wears.


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