Thursday, February 11, 2010

1960's Indeed...

I have recently discovered the wonders of and I am loving the 1960s effect. I love the way it makes my photos look- the colors, the round edges, etc! This is what I wore to school today and then to a play rehearsal after school. The 1960s effect definitely fits my mood today. I feel very retro!
Dress, Old Navy. Coat, Zara. Shoes, Payless. Bag, Charlotte Russe. Bracelet, For Love 21. Flower Headband, For Love 21


  1. I have those same booties (yay), but never thought to pair them with a navy stripe dress. Wow, this works so well...I am in complete awe!


  2. And you look so adorable! I love the stripes and that trench, so lovely!

  3. Thanks ladies! I appreciate your comments so much.
    Amy- Aren't these shoes super duper comfortable??? I can wear them all day long with no complaints!

  4. love ur coat, you looks so stunning!


  5. great outfit! I agree, the 60's effect is awesome.

    Lovely blog!

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments!!!

  7. Oh my goodness, you embody everything a beautiful, stylish, and confidant woman should be in these photos! Seriously one of my favorite outfit posts in the blogosphere right now, this trench/stripes/red lipstick combination on you is perfection!

  8. Heart Charlie, that is one of the most beautiful comments anyone has ever written on my blog.


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