Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Love London, I Love France, I Love Wearing Bright Red Pants

This is what I wore out to dinner this evening. I kind of just threw this on in a hurry, but it turned out quite nicely. I really like how the headband coordinates with the pants. I never really thought they would go together.
Jeans, Target. Tee Shirt, Urban Outfitters. Blazer, New York and Company. Shoes, Forever 21. Bag, Vintage. Bracelet, For Love 21. Earrings, Ross Simons. Flowers, For Love 21

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fashion Must Go On!

Today I do not have any new outfits to post. I didn't really go anywhere, however, today was quite productive. Some of my friends came over this morning and we worked on a project together. We took lots of pictures. My friend ( took most of these pictures, but my other friend and I edited them. And yes, I'm wearing sweatpants... quite the disappointment to someone looking a my blog for the first time. So beware- this is quite the rarity. Be sure to notice my bronze sparkly TOMS shoes and my friends' ever-so-retro Keds tennis shoes! I just though I would take this opportunity to share some great photography you.
I also did some browsing through the Fall/ Winter 2010 collections. I haven't had a chance to look at them at all in the past two weeks! My favorite so far is Moschino Cheap & Chic. Their runway show was unbelievably cute! And I love the many tops and shifts featuring the phrase, "Fashion Must Go On!" They styled their models like characters- they all seemed to have their own personality. Here are some of my favorites. But if given the chance, look at the whole collection on For I promise, you will not be let down.
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Fly Me Away

This is what I wore to school today. I got this top at T.J. Maxx a while back. It has a really interesting bow detail at the top that you can't really see to well in these pictures.
Skirt, h&m. Top, BCBG MaxAzria. Tights, Hue. Shoes, Keds. Jacket, Target. Sunglasses, Chicago. Bag, Vintage. Flower, For Love 21

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fashion is Really Another Art Form, Like Acting or Painting

This is what I wore to school today and then to run some errands this afternoon. I made my skirt out of a vintage dress. I love the bright colors and the geometric print. I also have a matching tie belt that I made to go with it, but I liked the way the black patent looked with the rest of the outfit. When I began altering the dress, I loved to many elements of it. I couldn't decided whether I wanted to make a top, a dress, or a skirt. I eventually decided on the skirt, because I loved how the bow belt gave it a retro feel. I also made my shirt. It is a men's Hanes tee shirt that I embellished with iron-on transfer paper. It reads, "Fashion is really another art form, like acting or painting". It was a quote that I got from Teen Vogue. I had been saving it to use in a collage. But then, when I got a new scanner, a whole realm of possibilities opened up... iron transfer shirt designs! So I scanned it, printed it on iron-on transfer paper, then cut it out and arranged it on this tee. And voila! A great new tee shirt!!!
Skirt, Altered Vintage. Tee Shirt, embellished Hanes. Tights, Hue. Shoes, Payless. Blazer, New York and Company. Bag, Vintage. Ring, Michael's. Flower, For Love 21

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

As Easy As... ABC, 123, Do-Re-Mi

I have worn this outfit and outfits similar to this many times before, but never have you seen it like this. For today, I discovered more of the wondrous and limitless possibilities. I also just thought I would go ahead and post it again for all you tender-feet. I found this jacket at Goodwill in the summer. It is one of my favorite pieces. I love really eclectic items that no one else has! It was actually a part of a skirt-suit, but I thought a two-piece suit made out of bright red polyester was a little over the top... almost a little 80's flight attendant. But this jacket with jeans and a cool graphic tee is as close to perfection as it comes. It has just the right amount of Michael Jackson-esque flair.
Jacket, Vintage. Jeans, Guess. Shoes, Nine West. Tee Shirt, Jacobs by Marc Jacobs. Necklace, For Love 21. Bag, Vintage. Round Glasses, Target. Aviator Glasses, Vintage. Earrings, Ross Simons. Flower, For Love 21.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Still Love to Twirl

This is what I wore to school today, and then to a play rehearsal afterwards. I am wearing one of my favorite Custo Barcelona tee shirts... only it's backwards. I love the back of it so much, but I don't really care for the front. I have posted it before, but you can see it a lot better in these pictures. Today was the first day that I have ever worn this skirt. My mom got it for herself at a designer "outlet" type of store called U.A.L., but then she decided that she didn't like it, so she passed it on to me! It has such an interesting coloring to it. The top layer is a metallic red-purple crinkle-y fabric, and the bottom layer is brown. In some lighting, it looks purple, in some it looks red, and in some it looks brown. Quite mysterious if you ask me.
Skirt, Wyeth. Top, Custo Barcelona. Jacket, Target. Belt, Vintage. Shoes, Aldo. Socks, Target. Bag, Vintage. Necklace, U.A.L.. Earrings, Ross Simons. Flower, For Love 21

Monday, February 22, 2010

Betsey Johnson Hiding in the Abundant Racks of Goodwill

This is what I wore to school today. I found this wonderful velvet dress at Goodwill- and it's Betsey Johnson! Oh my goodness, was that a good day or what?! I have never worn it before, and I really love it. It has a funky, 80's vibe to it that I really enjoy.

Dress, Betsey Johnson. Coat, Zara. Tights, Hue. Bag, Vintage. Scarf, T.J. Maxx. Flower, For Love 21.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Surprising Glorious Winter Day

Today was a surprisingly glorious February 20th. It was quite unseasonably warm. So, this is what I wore on a walk this afternoon. And I am really loving the Picnik effect called 'hypnotic'- especially on this bottom photo!
Dress, Old Navy. Scarf- For Love 21. Belt, Ralph Lauren. Sunglasses, Target. Hair Flower, For Love 21

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fashionable Kiddos

I do not have any new outfits to post today. This morning, I went on a rather unsatisfactory trip to Goodwill, and then came back to my house and some friends came over. Today I was feeling quite uninspired in the fashion department. However, I caught up on my recently missed episode of Project Runway from this past Thursday, which is probably on of my favorite episodes in the history of "P.R." (as we call it at my house). I really love Seth Aaron's look(s), I feel that the "little-girl" version looks like something I would have wanted to wear when I was about nine or ten, and the "older-girl" version looks like what I want to wear now!... quite ironic if you ask me. I also was exceptionally intrigued by Amy's look(s). I wanted to like those pants so badly, but they wear just a little too "of-the-beaten-path". I thought they could have been so chic if a few petals were removed in the crotch area, and if paired with a simple black tee. I thought that her belt and colored top were "over the top"... no pun intended. And I was upset about Tory Burch's comment for Amy about her colors not being "complementary". Last time I checked, blue and orange are complementary.

I love the concept of children's wear, especially the whole "whimsy" of it all. I feel that this episode alone has made me quite interested in children's wear. I had never really thought about designing for kids before. Most people associate fashion with elegant, twenty-something models on runways, but what about all the adorable clothing that we wear for the first ten years of our lives??

This whole fashionable kiddo motif, has encouraged me to raid our overflowing drawer of old Polaroid and Kodak photographs. Isn't it fascinating how simply looking at old pictures brings back so many thoughts and memories??

I was quite in love with zebras, I think mainly because "zebra" starts with the same letter as "Zoe"...

I was quite the artiste...
These shoes are great. In fact, I would love to have pair in my wardrobe right now...
Props to my mom for this uber-chic haircut I was sporting "back in the day"...

Here are Amy's look(s) from the episode...
Here are Seth Aaron's look(s) from the episode...
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Life in Technicolor

This is what I wore to school today. I found a bunch of new effects in Picnik today too. I especially love this one below, and the pixelated and swirly ones toward the bottom.
Dress, Thrifted. Jacket, Target. Tights, Hue. Shoes, Keds. Necklace, Forever 21. Bag, Vintage. Sunglasses, Target. Bracelet, Help for Haiti. Flower, For Love 21.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vintage To The Left of Me, Vintage to the Right.

This is what I wore to school today and also to an art class this evening. My dress is another one of my fabulous finds from Goodwill the other day. The top of it is lace, and it almost looks like it's two pieces. It feels very elegant, but at the same time, I love to make it really funky with studs and denim! The sleeves are really fantastic too- short and made out of sheer lace. I am also considering shortening it just a few inches. I thought it would be a fresh, youthful take on an otherwise old lady-looking dress. That way, I could also wear it in the summer with just sandals and a cardigan. What do you guys think?

Jacket, Vintage Levi's. Dress, Vintage. Tee Shirt, Rodarte for Target. Bag, Vintage. Socks, Target. Shoes, Aldo. Belt, Target. Brooch, Vintage. Flower, For Love 21.