Friday, January 15, 2010

Red Polka Dots

This is what I wore to school today and also out to dinner this evening. I got this skirt at Goodwill a while back. It used to be a mid-calf length, but I shortened it. It also has a tiny white polka dot print that's kind of hard to see. I still am amazed at the wondrous items dwelling on the racks at my local Goodwill. This is a 100% silk Neiman Marcus skirt. I'm pretty convinced that there's someone in my town that donates all of their expensive clothing and purses to Goodwill. And I'm thinking that I need to get to know this woman...
Skirt- Altered Goodwill
Shirt- Urban Outfitters
Tights- Target
Bag- Vintage
Belt- Vintage
Jacket- Target
Flower- For Love 21

Looking at these pictures has made me see how much my personal style has changed in the past months. A year ago, I wouldn't have even considered wearing purple shoes with a bright red skirt. But now, it's so normal for me. I think that part of it has been caused by Teen Vogue- I am more open to mismatched colors and patterns, as well as, super-funky items that no one else would wear.

I just realized how much I have posted this "Where the Wild Things Are" tee in my outfits, but you can't really see the super-cool design of it in any of the pictures. I got it at Urban Outfitters, and I think that the graphic is so amazing! I'm kind of embarrassed that I still haven't seen the movie, but I love the book and the soundtrack!... That counts for something. I also thought that I would post a close-up of my clock purse, because I am wearing it in so many of my photos. It has a lot of scratches, but I don't know if I will ever stop using it- I love it too much!
This is what one of my friends wore to school today. I love how effortly chic her outfit is... and how could I not love those shoes?!
Shirt- Forever 21
Shoes- Charlotte Russe
Jewelry- For Love 21
Tights- Forever 21
Camisole- Gap
Hat- Street Vendor in NYC
Skirt- Forever 21


  1. the skirt is such a fab find! great way to shorten and make it more wearable :)

  2. Yeah. Thats what I thought. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. thx a lot:* I fall in love with your bag<3

  4. thanks everyone for the wonderful comments.

  5. thank you for your comment, I like your blog too, you look so fresh and happy ;d

  6. thank you for your comment ;) i love your shirt and skirt <3 and i like your blog ;p

  7. Thanks everyone for visiting my blog! It means so much to me! <3


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