Thursday, January 14, 2010

Purple is a Neutral

This is what I wore last night to a Japanese concert at the symphony hall and also to school today. I wore my purple pencil skirt. I've only worn it a few times, but I am already in love with it's ability to coordinate with practically everything in my wardrobe. I am a loyal subscriber to the belief that purple is a neutral. It literally goes with every other color in the spectrum- like no other color can. Also, I want to thank my loyal followers and visitors. It really means a lot to me that you are supporting my blog. I officially have visitors from 3 different continents and 12 countries!!! I also really appreciate all the wonderful comments that you guys have left me. I love it when visitors comment, and I love it even more when they follow me on Bloglovin' or Google!!! Thanks.
Skirt- Goodwill
Tights- Hue @ T.J. Maxx
Shirt- Target
Belt- Target
Jacket- Target
Shoes- Aldo @ Marti and Liz Shoes
Flower- For Love 21
Scarf- The Limited
Bag- Vintage


  1. thank you. i think that it's pretty rad too...

  2. super bag! probably guys keep asking the time ;)


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